Post: The Best Bed, Is My Bed.

The Best Bed, Is My Bed.

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (BHRUT), hosted an community engagement event, brining together patient,  local residents and healthcare professionals in a series of conversations covering health, social care, voluntary and community sectors to discuss new ways of working together to reduce avoidable admissions to Hospitals.

BHRUT played host to the event, which was facilitated by Care City. With discussions around improving patients health and well-being and reducing the waiting times across Queen’s and King George Hospitals.

The forum had discussions around improving access to primary and community care, improving communication and how patients can access the information, in order to improve early intervention and changing people’s behaviours across the local area.

Additionally a series of ‘Lightning Talks’ where hosted cover other methods of how BHRUT can work different for patients and the community.

The information gathered from the talks helps the Trust understand how they can work even better with local residents and improve services.