Post: Celebrating 60 Years of Hospital Radio – Day 1.

Celebrating 60 Years of Hospital Radio – Day 1.

On Saturday 22nd June 2024, Bedrock Radio invited volunteers past and present to our ‘The Cornwall Suite’ Studios at Queen’s Hospital to tell us their stories of how they got involved in hospital radio. Looking back at our heritage stations that began back in the 1960s

On-Air; Bedrock’s longest current serving volunteers Beverley and Mathew hosted a joint two-day weekend special.
Chatting with various current and ex-volunteers from founding stations across the deacdes.

On Saturday 22nd our guests included;

Ian, Colin, Steve & Martin Y (Harold Wood).  Marj & Martin L  (Goodmayes).  Lee (Bedrock)

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Beverley and Mat welcome you to Day 1 of our Hospital Radio in East London programme.
Mat talks to Beverley about how she became involved, as our longest serving volunteer.

Volunteers from Harold Wood Ian and Steve both started volunteering at Harold Wood in the 70s and remember some of the early volunteers and the studio being moved from the ‘Recreation Hall’ to Old Mortuary (‘The Shack’). Both are still involved in hospital radio volunteering at Colchester and Basildon respectively.

Bev, Colin and Martin Y joining in the 80s remembering fundraising events and the station’s activities in the 90s too, including the carnivals, shopping centres and the social side of volunteering.

Marj & Martin L recall their time at Goodmayes Hospital Radio (The Jumbo Sound) from the studio on ‘The Bridge’ to moving rooms downstairs and how they got involved, Marj volunteer predominantly behind the scenes and filled Trustee roles at Goodmayes for most of her volunteering time at the station. Martin joining in the 90s told us how he became involved with Jumbo Sound.

Later Lee and Mat talk about more recent years of Bedrock Radio, on projects they have worked on together and how the station has evolved. While also acknowledging how volunteering helps develop other skills and knowledge they use in their own lives.
They also look back at Whipps Cross Hospital Radio, which became Bedrock Radio at the end of 2022, and acknowledge the fantastic history of the station.

Later, Lee and Mat have a listen and talk about old radio jingles from the stations and discuss the complexity and thought processes in how the current Bedrock Jingle package was formed.

Before Bev, Lee and Mat bring the Saturday to a close.


Bedrock, HWHR, GHR Volunteers
Lee, Ian, Colin, Bev, Marj, Martin L


HWHR Volunteers
Steve, Bev, Martin Y
Bedrock Studio
On-Air with Mat, Bev, Ian

Throughout the weekend, on the hospital balcony, outside our studio, we had a small display set up, with boards full of information looking back at our heritage, and a speaker playing Bedrock Radio along with copies of our magazine for people to take.