Bedrock Radio

Your Friendly Station

We're creating a new supplementary radio station.

Focusing on the spoken world and specialist programmes that you won’t hear on Bedrock Radio or Bedrock Gold.  

Bedrock Extra features News from across East London & South Essex from; 

  • Bedrock Community News.
  • The Havering Daily.
  • Talking Newspapers.

Dramas and plays will feature on Bedrock Extra.

From short stories, to hour long plays.

Bedrock Podcasts feature interviews and highlighted content, first broadcast on Bedrock Radio. 

We archive our old podcasts (still available for download, just not listed) but we replay some of our favourites on Bedrock Extra.


Occasionally we’ll feature Podcasts, interviews & programmes from external sources that are fascinating or relevant to East London & South Essex.


We’re giving some of the more unique specialist programmes a home on Bedrock Extra. 
Featuring programmes that include; world music, health information or mindfulness. 

Which otherwise may not find themselves on-air on our other stations. 

  • Bedrock Extra will become available on WiFi Radio’s at Queen’s Hospital.

  • On The Bedrock Radio App.

  • Online streaming directories.
    (We’re changing ‘Bedrock Goodmayes’ stream directories to become Bedrock Extra)