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Post: Stop Smoking Service

Stop Smoking Service

imageWhats your new years resolution?  Could it be time to Stop Smoking and work towards a healthier future?

Lynn Hanlon a Stop Smoking Specialist was my special guest last night in the studio.

Lynn said: “It’s never too late to stop smoking.  If you stop at 30 years old you could add another ten years to your life”.

There are so many benefits by using the NHS Stop Smoking service, regardless of age, you can self refer or speak with your health care provider who will be happy to refer you.

All pregnant women are offered a test to check their exposure to carbon monoxide.

Half of all long term smokers die early from smoking related diseases, but quitting not only adds years to life but it increases your energy levels, improves fertility and saves you money.

For more information please call 0203 644 2682 or Freephone 0800032 0102 or email

Listen to the podcast to hear the full interview.