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Post: John Dudman Interview

John Dudman Interview

imageJohn Dudman joined Annette and the team in the studio on Tuesday night.  It was an absolute pleasure, as he was a former presenter in the 1970’s at Goodmayes Hospital Radio.

It was an opportunity to find out what volunteering meant to John as well as hear about what is was like back then using vinyl.

It was easy to tell he very much enjoyed his time volunteering with hospital broadcasting, he said: “If you can give pleasure to other people, then why not do it on the radio.”

Bedrock are always looking for more volunteers, just get in touch.

John is now the Director of a Charity called Cab-Hoo-Ray,  Variety Entertainers that go round Essex performing at charity events.  If you would like to volunteer with the entertainment group you can call 0208 551 6853.

You can listen back to the interview now on the podcast to find out more.


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