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Post: British Army Engagement Presentation

British Army Engagement Presentation

Ben Stuart from Bedrock Radio, was privileged to be invited along to a presentation by the British Army’s Engagement Team. 

This was held in the Jo Richardson Community Secondary school, located in Castle Green, Dagenham. The Army Engagement Group tours the country talking to a wide variety of people about the British Army. They aim to give their audiences a greater understanding of the British Army through presentations, and giving them a chance to meet and ask questions to the attending soldiers.

I found the presentation to be very informative, well put together by the group and I have to say quite eye-opening. I think that one perhaps more obvious issue that the British Army faces in terms of how it is perceived by civilians is that we mostly see a ‘filtered view’ of our army that is offered through our media. In other words we see on the news and in documentaries, in books and magazines, what they choose to show us. We see army films, play army based video games and may read those army action comic books, but of course these are fiction and are never fully realistic and true to life. So I think it is important that we have the British Army Engagement Team to help us realise in a more trueful manner, what the British Army engages in, what it means to be part of the army, what the army stands for, and a look at life before, during and after serving in the British Army.

Those subjects were explored among others effectively through a well put together presentation using video and speeches from the soldiers of various ranks and areas of operation. Furthermore, the floor was opened to questions at the presentations end, where the soldiers were happy to answer our questions. The team was very engaging throughout, taking the time to answer questions fully. When we left the presentation area, throughout the evening the soldiers left themselves open to chat further and engage with any other questions that came to mind.

I certainly learnt a great deal more than I previously knew about what the British Army does, and I am glad as it has helped me to have even greater appreciation. I urge you to find out more, and consider attending one of the British Army Engagement Team’s presentations to increase understanding of the British Army and indeed if you are considering a career in that area.

Lt Col David Utting was kind enough to take some time for Bedrock Hospital Radio, and explain to us what his role entails.

You will be able to listen to the piece on air as well as in the podcasts section of this website.

A link to the British Army Engagement Team’website: