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Post: Haunting Julia Review

Haunting Julia Review


Over the years I have seen many great plays covering a wide range of topics and genres at the Queen’s Theatre. A type of play that I had yet to see, until today, is a good old-fashioned horror.

Bring to the stage, Haunting Julia. This production by Alan Ayckbourn tells the moving story of Julia, a gifted musical prodigy who composed symphonies from the age of eight. By the time she was just shy of her 20th birthday, she had experienced amazing success, with the world truly her oyster….until she was found dead in her dingy flat.

The narrative begins twelve years after the above event, as her father Joe seeks to find answers around the mysterious circumstances of Julia’s death-was it suicide as the official verdict claims or was something or someone else involved? Joe is looking for answers and this is the night he will get them…

As mentioned I had yet to see any kind of spooky/horror based play at Queen’s and this one did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed Haunting Julia from start to finish. The story keep you gripped as an effectively tense atmosphere is created, with lashings of humour sprinkled throughout to good effect, and excellent use of creative visual effects. As well as the top direction we also have a great cast, a trio all playing their parts very well, with nicely defined characters, I especially liked Sam Cox, who has such an engaging and realistically acted character as grieving father Joe.

A really good production, Haunting Julia should grab you from the first scene and keep you hooked right until the end, highly recommended for some well-made frights.

For performance times and tickets contact the Queens Theatre direct.

Photo credits to Marc Sepple