Post: Bedrock Radio Leaves The HBA

Bedrock Radio Leaves The HBA

Trustees of Bedrock Radio have formally withdrawn our membership of the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA).

Bedrock Radio consulted volunteers annually when our membership of the HBA was due for renewal, with Trustees of Bedrock Radio citing HBA messages of improvements & changes, along with the benefits of being a member.

In 2017 Bedrock Radio volunteers agreed collectively to review membership, monitoring how much communication we had with the HBA, plus if any of the promises of change would be delivered over the next year, with 2019 being the deciding period as we should withdraw our membership.

Bedrock Radio volunteers feel there is not much benefit in being a HBA member, with an overall feeling of a lack of progress being made plus a general disengagement with fellow member stations and the HBA itself. Key areas that have caused concern have been highlighted in a letter to the Board of Trustees at the HBA.
Highlighting the following areas of concern:
Continuous increases in membership fees, Lack of communication and engagement (especially at a local level), Claimed benefits not being that beneficial anymore.

Bedrock Radio itself has undergone vast changes spanning the last few years, from losing all the Bedside TVs at BHRUT NHS sites in favour of WiFi systems (mobile listening). Merging with Goodmayes Hospital Radio (Jumbo Sound) and most recently converting to a CIO. Bedrock Radio Trustees, along with the backing of our wider membership have had to make tough decisions to change direction and become a wider community health radio service that not only serves two hospital trusts, but appeals to the community to be able to achieve our charitable objectives and survive in an ever changing NHS environment.

We are open rejoining the HBA in the future, should we see significant changes of engagement and value for money from having membership with the Hospital Broadcasting Association.