Post: Bedrock Radio Receives Cash Injection

Bedrock Radio Receives Cash Injection

We’re really grateful to be receiving support from The Fore & London Borough of Havering.

Havering Council has given £28,550 to local voluntary and community organisations as part of the second round of funding this week.

The current crisis is making is extremely hard for small independent charities likes ourselves. Everyone on our team is an unpaid volunteer from the Presenters to the Trustees, from the Engineers to the Ward visitors.

We’re delighted that not only the members of Bedrock Radio are for receiving funds from the Havering Fund programme but more importantly the patients who will be able to continue listening to the content that we provide which many find extremely therapeutic.

Since we are unable to do our usual fundraising activities the station within the community we’ve had no income which may have put our future in doubt.

On a basic day to day level the money means that we can continue paying our bills such as broadcasting licences and broadband and also pay for the mobile phone app that we had started upgrading before the COVID crisis started and through which many of our patients rely on to listen to us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Havering Funding Programme for all of its help.