Post: Sponsor A Ward Radio

Sponsor A Ward Radio

Get your name – or company name – on our radios distributed to the wards!


Bedrock Radio, the Hospital Radio station broadcasting to the patients at Queen’s Hospital (Romford) & King George Hospital (Ilford), plus the local community online celebrated is 20th anniversary on 22nd June 2022.

Thanks to funding from a National Lottery Grant received back in 2020. Bedrock Radio have installed a new entertainment system at Queen’s Hospital, running a successful trial of the system in 2022. Feedback from ward staff and patients during the trial period has been incredibly positive and as such Bedrock Radio is now receiving requests for further ward radio devices to entertain patients.

This is where you come in!

Sponsor Sticker

Bedrock Radio want you to get involved by sponsoring each of our Radio Units, that are being deployed onto the wards!
Radios can be sponsored by individuals or by local companies.

The radio units cost on average £75 each. For each radio sponsored Bedrock Radio are offering a printed advert on each device funded for a period of three years.

To celebrate Bedrock Radio’s 20th Birthday in June 2022.
The first 20 Ward Radio Units funded will receive LIFETIME sponsorship!  

For local companies offering large sponsorships to fund multiple radios, we’ll even include advertising on-air for a year!

The ward radio units from Bedrock Radio provide free entertainment to patients in hospital, aiding recovery by easing boredom and loneliness.
Bedrock Radio volunteers also visit the wards collecting song requests, giving patients a visitor that they otherwise may not have had.
Providing a way to interact with the radio during and after their stay in hospital.

Bedrock Radio has also received interest from wards specialising in dementia and elderly care, as these patients can really benefit from our classic hits station, Bedrock Gold, to help provide relief and promote emotional and behavioural benefits in Alzheimer’s.

Patients also have access to free NHS Wi-Fi across the hospital, which has provided another way of listening to Bedrock Radio, however this requires patients brining their own devices (smartphones / tablets) into hospital. Whereas our Ward Radios are for everyone to enjoy, as they don’t require a smart device.
The new entertainment system from Bedrock Radio expands into additional wards that previously were never served by the former system operated by a third-party company.
Anyone wishing to take up sponsorship and help fund our Ward Radio Units should visit;

Terms apply.

Radio Units Stats:  
Serving 24 Wards | Average 30 patients to a ward | 12 radios required to cover a single ward.  | Approximately 300 Ward Radio Units are required to provide all patient rooms.  | Over 700 patients listening daily* listening and seeing the sponsored radio units at Queen’s Hospital.

*Not including staff, visitors, patient turnover, & other locations served. 

Re-advertisement of Sponsorship upon the third years, is help fund and maintain the radio system, enabling the radio service to remain free to patients in hospital.