Post: Bedrock Turns 20!

Bedrock Turns 20!

The 22nd June 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Bedrock! 

listen to our ‘Brief History of Bedrock’, we’ve come a long way in 20 years!


Bedrock was created in 2002 as a result of a merger between our founding stations; Oldchurch Hospital Radio & Harold Wood Hospital Radio.

In 2000 the founding stations where asked to merge resources in readiness for the opening of the Queen’s Hospital in 2006, as the new hospital only had room for one hospital radio service.

HRFHThe two services agreed to create a new radio service & registering the new charity ‘ Bedrock’ on 22nd June 2002, the first Trustees of Bedrock contained a mixture of volunteers from both stations to ensure a smooth transition of the amalgamated equipment and volunteers.  Bedrock began broadcasting in December 2002, from the former Oldchurch Hospital Radio Studios in the nurse’s home. Broadcasting on 846AM (Induction Loop) to Oldchurch Hospital & on Bedside headsets on Channels 1 & 2 to Harold Wood Hospital. The serviced named ‘Bedrock AM’ replacing both Oldchurch & Harold Wood Hospital Radio services.


In 2006, Bedrock moved into the new Queen’s Hospital, a brand new ‘super hospital’ that replaced both Oldchurch & Harold Wood Hospitals.
It took until 2008 for our studios to be ready for broadcast & for the new Bedside TV System to become operational, test programmes were broadcast late 2008, with January 2009 a full relaunch of Bedrock Hospital Radio, with a special visit from HRH Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla to relaunch our service, where our studios suite at Queen’s Hospital gained the title of ‘The Cornwall Suite’.


Over the next few years we grew our programme schedule & with our request programmes being very popular across Queen’s Hospital, making Bedrock one of the most used services across the Hospital.

In 2012, we celebrated our 10th anniversary, installing speakers in the Food Court at Queen’s Hospital, providing much needed background ambiance.
Then in 2014 we marked 50 years of Hospital Radio in Havering (East London) celebrating our founding stations which started back in 1964 by launching online ‘Listen Live’ stream, allowing the community to listen in via a computer or mobile phone.

Sadly, in 2014/15 we noticed a severe decline in the number of working bedside TV units, the third-party company began sharing technicians across hospital in Essex, which resulted in defective units not being repaired or replaced, this service was declared defunct & was shut down. Bedrock began talking to the Hospital Trust about providing a replacement system, where possible reusing the cabling across the building.


In 2016 Goodmayes Hospital Radio (The Jumbo Sound) approached Bedrock in regards to merging, their studios had been damaged by a burst radiator, sadly there wasn’t enough funds or volunteers to repair the station & keep it broadcasting.
Bedrock Radio agreed to merge with equipment being repaired & volunteers merged, we initially began calling the service ‘Bedrock Radio Goodmayes’ broadcasting programmes from our Cornwall Suite studios to the speakers on the wards of Goodmayes.

We used the time in the Goodmayes merger to refurbish our studio and update our charity logo & framework, as we no longer just served Havering, we had begun serving Redbridge and the wider East London area!

As part of our refurbishments to our studio, we made a bold decision to create a second station ‘Bedrock GOLD’ which would specialist in playing ‘classic hits’.
We have given both our services their own unique identities and playlists.
Bedrock RADIO – Your Healthy Music Mix – Songs from the 80’s to now.
Bedrock GOLD – Great Memories, Classic Hits – Songs from the 50’s  to the 80’s.

In 2018 NHS WiFi became available in most NHS Building, not only did this allow patients to connect their own devices, but it also provided an ‘entertainment page’ with a direct link to Hospital Radio, across BHRUT & NEFLT locations* this prominent button displays Bedrock Radio.

Read our complete history : About Us

2022 – Ward Radio Units

Ward Radio

In 2022 we received a Lottery Grant and begin installing a new radio system, reusing the old Bedside TV cabling at Queen’s Hospital. In June 2022 we began testing the system and distributed 8 test radio units. The trail has proven to be an excellent success so far.

All units have reported being online and working, minimal problems experienced.
Data from the trial is showing the radios are active throughout the vast majority of the day with a listening time averaging over 15 hours a day, per radio.
And a mixture of Bedrock Radio & Bedrock GOLD are being enjoyed by patients.

Bedrock Radio have launched a fundraising campaign today, our 20th Birthday (22nd June 2022) to Sponsor A Ward Radio  – Individuals or companies can get an advert / sponsor credit on each of the 288 ward radios units needed – Which runs for the lifetime of the ward radio!


What’s Next for Bedrock?

Later this year, we’ll be taking over from another Hospital Radio Service, who have announced their closure at the end of 2022. We have a great relationship with the outgoing station and reached an agreement, when they cease broadcasting, they will switch over to Bedrock Radio. We look forward to working with another Trust & serving our forth hospital!


*NHS WiFi locations include: Queen’s, King George & Goodmayes Hospitals; Meadow Court, Woodbury, Brookside Units; Plus selected other clinics & centres operated by BHRUT or NELFT.