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Post: An evening with The First Ladies Women’s Institute

An evening with The First Ladies Women’s Institute

Mo, Treasurer of The First Ladies Women’s Institute of Barking and Dagenham Invited Bedrock to their monthly meeting tonight as Guest Speakers, Sam Levy and Annette Gregory both volunteers from Bedrock attended the event at Eastbury Manor House, Barking.

The group currently has 71 members registered to the group and offers ‘All kinds of opportunities for all kinds of women’ Linda a current member said: ” After having my little boy I felt isolated and it was an opportunity to get out the house”.

The First Ladies group provides an excellent opportunity to meet new friends as well as participating in regular theatre trips, a book-club and singing in the choir, Eirlys Gilbert is the current President of the group, she said: “It is an opportunity to make new friends and learn about the Women’s Institute”.

The group have been meeting at the Manor Hall now for two years and regularly welcomes Guest Speakers. Sheila Stokoe, Programme Organiser presented Sam Levy with a donation of thirty five pounds to support Bedrock.

The women meet on the first Wednesday of every month (except August) from 7pm until 9pm and are always welcoming new members to the group. The First Ladies already have their first event of the year booked, which will be at the Eastbrook Country Fair.

Bedrock would like to thank them for their kind donation and for making us feel very welcome.