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Post: Community Champ needs Community Help!

Community Champ needs Community Help!

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham resident is being forced out of his family home of thirty two years following his mothers death.

Mr Lovell moved out twice for a year each time but moved back in March 2015, this has been his childhood home.

Mr Lovell said: “I gave up my home to help my mum when she needed me, now I just can’t get a break.”

A representative from the LBBD initially said he would be entitled to a smaller accomodation as he has lived at the property for the last six months, however he has now been told he would not be offered anything now.

He has lived in the borough for most of his life and has helped with community projects for the last four years and he has even worked to help the local council yet in his time of need they are going to make this born and bred London man homeless.

Mr Lovell intends to appeal the council decision.

If you would like to sign the petition to help Ricky Lovell go to: