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Post: Volunteer Celebrations To Say Thank You

Volunteer Celebrations To Say Thank You

As part of Volunteers Week a big event at Raphaels Park, Hornchurch was organised to recognise and say thank you to volunteers within Havering.

Havering Volunteers Centre organised the event to coincide with volunteers week 1st  until the 6th of June.

The Mayoress of Havering Cllr Phillipa Crowder was in attendance to present certificate and badges to volunteers that had donated over 100 hours to their chosen charity during the course of the year. The Mayoress said: “I think it is absolutely brilliant to meet so many volunteers and give out so many worthy awards, it’s always great to say thank you, where would we be without our volunteers”.

There were many local organisations and charities there on the day to provide information about their cause. Sharon Holland, a volunteer of Havering Mind said: “When i go in everyday is a fresh challenge, the staff are very supportive, I really enjoy volunteering”.

Bedrock Radio volunteers were first up on the bandstand to collect their award for their recognition of their hard work.

Havering Volunteer Centre has just been launched following the closure of HAVCO recently.  Shelly Hart Volunteers co-ordinator said: “I am really pleased with the amount of organisations that attended, despite the weather”.

Gill Wendelken, Volunteers Services Manager, St Francis Hospice said: “We have over 800 volunteers, saving the charity 2 million pounds, they are priceless, with a variety of positions the sky’s the limit”.

There was a cooking stall present showing visitors how to cook simple meals as part of the Goverment initiative to love food hate waste as well as a member of the recycle team providing information on compost work shops and how to use left over foods to cut down on waste within the borough of Havering.

Havering Mind Fundraising Manager, Ciaran White said: “It was nice to meet so many people who volunteer across Havering there was  a nice community atmosphere”.

There are many volunteers within the community that give their time to more than one cause.

There will be a volunteers open day at the centre located in the High Road, Romford on the 7th of June and another on the 8th of June at The Market, anyone can pop along to find out about current local opportunities.

Photography by Ben Stuart