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Post: Introducing Orangeline a helpline for all

Introducing Orangeline a helpline for all

Lorraine Barfoot, Project Manager of Orangeline was my special guest in the studio on Friday 24th March.

She was there to introduce a brand new service for people to pick up the telephone to talk about anything they wish to share.

Saint Frances Hospice recognised that once the families lost touch of the care provided by the Hospice the users were alone to deal with the grief which is why the concept of Orangeline was thought up so that help and support was still available.

The service is for anyone that would like to talk about anything.

Lorraine said:  “It is a brand new service helpline for anyone feeling unwell, lonely, isolated or if you are bereaved.”

She said:  “There are an awful lot of lonely people out in the community and this service is there for those that need it.”

You can call Orangeline Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm on 01708 758649.

Orangeline is just a phone call away.

For the full interview or more information listen to the podcast link now!