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Post: Join Our Team – Trustees Wanted!

Join Our Team – Trustees Wanted!

Bedrock are seeking volunteers to join our team, but we are also looking for people to join our board of Trustees. Anyone can apply, providing you feel you are able to support us and are able to dedicate some time to fulfilling your role.


Appointed Managers. 

The Trustees are seeking to appoint members of the public as a Manager, on a voluntary
basis. working under the direction of the Trustees, to provide specialist knowledge or skills.
To fulfil the following roles: Treasurer and Fundraising Officer


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[restab title=”Treasurer” active=”active”]We urgently require a Treasurer to join our team.

This person is accountable for collection of Annual Membership Fees and all finance transactions;

  • > Supply Balances of Accounts at General & Committee meetings.
  • > Ensure receipts are received before payment against any approved expense claim.
  • > Issue receipt for any money given to the Association, (exception of public donations, unless requested)
  • > Produce set of Income & Expenditure accounts and balance sheet for the Annual General Meeting
  • > Reply to written requests for accounts and provide these within two months.
  • > Liaise with any appointed independent examiner or auditor.
  • > Make arrangements for Insurance & liaise should any claim arise.
  • > Liaise with other Trustees to implement cost cutting measures, and with Fundraising Officer to maximise income (E.G Gift Aid) assisting in application for grants and funding.

[/restab][restab title=”Fund-Raising Officer”] We urgently require a Fund-raising Officer to join our team.

This person is accountable for raising money for Bedrock, by organising and planning fund-raising events, seeking donations, advertising and sponsorship;

  • > Arrange frequent fund-raising events for the association, agreeing dates with the Trustees.
  • > Liaise with relevant authorities for street collection licences and locations.
  • > Work with the Secretary to publicise the event to maximise income.
  • > Attend events where possible, or arrange another Trustee to coordinate the event.
  • > Work with all Trustees to maximise effectiveness of events.
  • > Work with Membership to produce publications for the Association.
  • > Seek grants, donations and funding from other organisations nd benefactors.


Please Note: As an Appointed Manager you will not have a vote at meetings but will work under the
direction of, and brief, one of the Trustees for matters to be raised and decided upon.

We endeavour to give the necessary items to assist you in fulfilling the post.

The Trustees may remove any appointed Manager at any time, and you may resign at any time.
Once the period of Appointment ends, you will be expected to return any items pertaining to Bedrock to a Trustee.

This is on a unpaid voluntary basis.

Alternatively, If you would like to become a Volunteer Member of Bedrock, you will be able to stand for election and hold a post for it’s full three year term.

If interested please complete the below form: